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Active Living Helps You Keep on Trucking!

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How much activity do you participate in during the course of the week?

Active living is an approach to life that values physical activity at work, at school, at home, and during leisure time.

Active Living is not the same as a workout program. It is a conscious effort to be active every day of your life. Physical activity should never be rigorous.  It could be as simple as parking further away at the store and walking longer.  It could be gardening, playing with the kids, taking the dog for a walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

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Safety First!

Nearly every job requires some level of safety training and every organization should make it a priority to ensure their assets are protected.  Unfortunately long-haul trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs and safety has more to do about the driver then it does the vehicle.

If trucking is a lifestyle to you, then taking care of Your Life is probably your top priority. Safety tips for you are; getting quality family time, a balanced diet, proper sleeping routines, exercising, and feeling confident behind the wheel.  These are important to you, your family, and to us too.

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e-Logs for Drivers

Technology! Technology! Technology!

Transportation is constantly evolving and one of the solutions is incorporating electronic logging devices (ELD).  An ELD will record a driver’s hours and automatically capture the hours of service.  An ELD provides many benefits to streamlining your operations.  Some of those benefits include quicker inspections, error free logs, efficient and accurate dispatches, fuel management and navigation. Continue reading

TransX takes an integrated approach to improve and advance human performance.

Driving has more fatalities than flying. Without proper training your safety is at risk and it’s not even you that we are worried about, it’s the millions of other people on the road. It’s the icy winter roads and it’s recognizing and anticipating hazardous driving situations and how those situations should be safely and properly handled.

At TransX we take a proactive approach to Your Life. We understand that when you leave your family behind that they have peace of mind you are returning safely and unharmed.


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Safety and Space for Trucks on Highways

Driving in winter is never fun, not for city drivers, not for rural roads and especially not for highways.

In some areas we’re all so used to bumper-to-bumper driving that we can’t help but carry the same attitude with us on the highway. Unfortunately this can have disastrous results.

Witness what happened recently to one couple who got too close to a semi truck, as reported by The Weather Network:

The lesson to be learned is for all drivers to be aware of all surroundings. As seen in the report, the weather conditions were in white-out conditions and its at times like this where even the sturdiest of trucks can incur some impact and if you’re not keenly aware of what’s going on around you, you may otherwise not feel deep impacts like the pull of an extra vehicle. Similarly, if a civilian car is not acutely paying attention to the truck in front, to the side of or behind them, then accidents can happen.

Remember – the best way to ensure your car’s safety is to give plenty of space. Truck drivers, including TransX drivers, are well trained in being aware of other vehicles on the road, but remember that view is limited. The best tip? If you can’t see a truck driver’s rear-view mirror, there’s a good chance they can’t see you either.