e-Logs for Drivers

Technology! Technology! Technology!

Transportation is constantly evolving and one of the solutions is incorporating electronic logging devices (ELD).  An ELD will record a driver’s hours and automatically capture the hours of service.  An ELD provides many benefits to streamlining your operations.  Some of those benefits include quicker inspections, error free logs, efficient and accurate dispatches, fuel management and navigation.

Right now over half the industry does not operate with these logging devices but the industry analysts and experts say a mandate requiring commercial vehicles will be taking effect by 2015-2016. The advantage to the drivers is the reduction in adherence to hours of service regulations which means drivers will receive higher pay.  Some of the most common violations can be eliminated and driver’s know exactly where they stand on compliance, and have a current log.  For the companies they will eliminate hours of service violations and the system comes with a built in auditing function.  Scheduling and dispatching becomes easier and the location of the vehicles will always be known.

Companies in the industry make very small margins to begin with meaning investing in an e-log system will need to have a quick payback within a year to two years.  Historically, many companies already run out of cash when fuel prices increase while the demand drops.  Many of the first adopters of e-logs went through tough times but those that survived gained significant barriers to entry and operate more efficiently.

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