TransX takes an integrated approach to improve and advance human performance.

Driving has more fatalities than flying. Without proper training your safety is at risk and it’s not even you that we are worried about, it’s the millions of other people on the road. It’s the icy winter roads and it’s recognizing and anticipating hazardous driving situations and how those situations should be safely and properly handled.

At TransX we take a proactive approach to Your Life. We understand that when you leave your family behind that they have peace of mind you are returning safely and unharmed.


TransX Group of Companies uses the L3 Communications TranSim VS-V Driving Simulator as an integral part of our Continuing Driver Education Program. As such, all drivers are required to participate in the use of the simulator as part of our driver training programs.

The simulator allows for custom design scenarios to create simulations for any critical environments including everything from changing the weather to the terrain to the visibility. Or, practice techniques when backing up, to simulations for drivers to recognize and anticipate hazardous driving situations.

Hazardous driving situations can occur at anytime and anywhere and in difficult or common environments. The truck like training environment replicates everything from the trucks seat, to the steering, wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedals, making it as real as possible. Not only is it providing real-time feedback but it’s placing drivers in risk-free situations with positive reinforcement. The software has a look and feel of a real vehicle realistic driving environment that allows you to choose from over 140 transmissions, 240 engines and 33 axle ratios.

As a new driver, including Company, Driver For (Driver Agency), Owner Operator, driver for Owner Operator or Lease Operator with TransX you will complete a total of six (6) simulator based courses over a one (1) year period. Four (4) unpaid courses are as follows:

January thru March – Decision Driving.
April thru June – Space Management.
July thru September – Adverse Conditions.
October thru December – Speed Management.

In addition to the above 4 courses you will be required to complete two (2) paid bi-annual training course that all drivers complete annually. Completion of these courses and the use of the simulator are a mandatory condition of, and forms part of your Owner Operator Agreement and apply to yourself and all drivers under your employment.

If trucking is a lifestyle for you then consider reaching out to one of Our Recruiters and start taking control of Your Life, in Your Lane.