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Toll Free 1-877-787-2679

Toll Free 1-877-787-2679

The Owner/Operators for Western Line Haul have driven TransX Group of Companies forwards for the past 50 years. The commitment between both parties is instrumental in the growth of both driver and company as we meet challenges head on in today's climate.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for both teams and individual drivers to be your own boss while we cover you with strong pay packages, our milage program, and consistent jobs and stable growth of these semi-independent businesses. 

Here are your benefits of partnering with us;

  • Pay additional rates for loading, bob-tailing* and emptying
  • Pay for all loads - When driver performs the live loading of the trailer
  • Pay for all unloads - When driver performs the live unloading of the trailer
  • Hourly Rate For Authorized Work Time
  • Pay for pulling tri-axle in Canada
  • Pay for all U.S.D.A. Meat Inspection
  • Paid Plates and Insurance
  • Paid WCB
  • Paid Permits, Bridge Crossings, Tolls and USD Federal Highway Use Tax
  • Participation in our Fuel Subsidy Program
  • Fuel and Phone Cards and E-Z Pass provided by TransX Group of Companies
  • Satellite Dispatch
  • Bridge Financing available until first pay
  • Bi-Weekly pay with emailed statements
  • Group Health Plan
  • Emailed pay statements

Western Line Haul Owner Operator Team

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*Additional rates available only apply if tractor is dispatched by TransX Group of Companies.