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Toll Free 1-877-787-2679

Here at Western Line Haul we use a Mileage Pay System.

In the trucking industry this is the most consistent and stable method of paying truck drivers for their work, especially when we talk long distance transportation.

Here are the reasons we believe paying per miles* traveled is much better for you;

  • No need to hustle or negotiate for loads. We plan, book and supply the loads to you, which saves your time and energy and gives you a more consistent and regular work flow.
  • Pay is more stable as it is based on the miles and hours worked, not on a percentage that regularly fluctuates due to sudden changes in the market or the economy.
  • Pay is provided for both loaded and empty miles; so no need to worry about driving empty at your own expense after unloading.
  • A higher probability of getting more consistent and regular work as the pay is not based on type of location or the load you have to haul. This also eliminates competition with other drivers, and reduces the stress of not getting the types of loads that you need in order to meet your financial targets.
  • Better financial planning & budgeting as you consistently know what your end of the day pay is going to be.
  • Your extra work is paid for; including first pickup and stop off.
  • Chance to earn more money than you do on percentage pay basis, especially with long hauls.
  • No need to audit freight bills.
  • No need to worry about the broker’s cut of the revenue.
  • Less overhead expenses and operating cost as we pay for permits, tolls, insurance and licensing.
  • Less time spent managing your day to day operations; time is money!
  • Overall, getting paid by the mile makes it easier to track and manage financial outcomes, which is more convenient for your family and household budgeting.

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*We calculate miles using Version II for Unix of PC Miler (Practical Distance Program).