Women with Drive

If you were to guess which industries women might be under represented in, the trucking industry would be a pretty good guess.

According to Trucking HR Canada, not only are women under represented in the freight transportation industry, they are actually well below the Canadian national average of 48%.  

Trucking HR Canada has found that women make up:

  • 3% of truck drivers
  • 3% of mechanics, transport trailer technicians, and cargo workers
  • 11% of managerial staff
  • 25% of freight claims and safety, and loss prevention specialists
  • 18% of dispatchers
  • 13% of parts technicians

With the overall shortage of qualified drivers available and the low percentage of young people entering into this field, we know that there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities to be had.  If you are a woman with drive looking to get into the transportation industry, here are some great resources to check out:

Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada

The Women’s Trucking Federation Of Canada was established  to encourage and promote  the Women of the Trucking Industry whether you’re ” In the Office, under the Hood or behind the Wheel we’re all pieces of the puzzle ”

Trucking HR Canada – Women with Drive Project

A Woman Trucker’s Perspective on the Driver Shortage via CanTruck.ca

Many of TransX’s female drivers are part of a team – we even have many husband and wife teams that drive together. If being out on the open road is for you and your partner, as your career or retirement plan, why not drive for TransX and supplement your income?


If you are interested in learning more about opportunities with TransX for women, our recruiters would love to talk to you. Get in touch with them today.