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Women with Drive

If you were to guess which industries women might be under represented in, the trucking industry would be a pretty good guess.

According to Trucking HR Canada, not only are women under represented in the freight transportation industry, they are actually well below the Canadian national average of 48%.  

Trucking HR Canada has found that women make up:

  • 3% of truck drivers
  • 3% of mechanics, transport trailer technicians, and cargo workers
  • 11% of managerial staff
  • 25% of freight claims and safety, and loss prevention specialists
  • 18% of dispatchers
  • 13% of parts technicians

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Women in Trucking

WomenInTrucking-DriveTransX#DidYouKnow that 3% is the total percentage of women working in freight transportation.

Currently there is a huge opportunity for women to capitalize on the many jobs available in the trucking industry, such as transport trailer technician, truck mechanic, and truck driver.  The industry as a whole is reporting a labour shortage largely due to aging workforce and lower percentage of young people.  Of course also contributing to the shortage is the below national average of women workers in the industry.

Trucking HR Canada has developed a committee to develop an employment plan to help increase the number of women participating in the trucking industry. For the complete story, the plan of action, and other related details can be found on their website here.

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