Working at TransX Group of Companies is a Treat

TransX - Corporate Culture is a Real Treat in the Industry

It’s a win-win when everyone in our community is happier and healthier.

We care are about our employees
and giving back to the communities that we work in. We believe that through a strong promotion of building team morale, and personal development that everyone begins to takes pride in what they are doing.

Each year during the fall season we Run A United Way Workplace Campaign to promote a positive and fun work environment to endorse team building and team morale.

Our latest United Way Campaign started with a staff appreciation BBQ where we had some carnival type games and a dunk tank. The campaign was a week long and we planned several events such as a luncheon with two guest speakers who talked about poverty and adversity. We included a 50/50 raffle and guess the amount of candy in the jar. A big hit was our random acts of kindness event where employees had the opportunity to send flowers or candy to co-workers they felt deserved to be recognized or deserved a thank you.

It’s through these events that you really get to meet your co-workers and understand them on a more personal level. The fun was definitely put back into fundraising and we were/are very proud of the proceeds we generated for the United Way.