Mr. Louie Tolaini Awarded CIBPA 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year

MrLouieTolainiCIBPA2016EntrepreneurOfTheYearCongratulations to Mr. Louie Tolaini, president and owner of MTA members TransX Group of Companies for being awarded the CIBPA 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Louie demonstrated hard work and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve acclaim within the Manitoba community and was honored by the Order Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge Winnipeg  at the Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge Annual Gala Dinner.

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Louie moved to Virden, Manitoba from Florence, Italy in 1959 and his love for trucks literally drove him into his first job at the local GMC Truck Dealership.

Fast forward to 1963 and Louie was presented with an opportunity from Coleman’s Cartage to become the general freight provider for the Virden area. Louie would accept this offer and with the purchase of two trucks and four tractors he started his career with Virden Freightways.

As Louie continued to see company growth for Virden Freightways he also wanted to expand throughout Manitoba. With the evolution of the company he rebranded to TransX and as they say, the rest is history. Louie says he came up with the name TransX through a combination of the words transfer and express.

Check out Louie’s recent interview he did with for Bob Scully’s The World Show – Entrepreneurs / The Fiera Series where Louie tells all about how he started his trucking industry career.

Congratulations again to Louie for being recognized for your achievements in the trucking industry.