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Toll Free 1-877-787-2679

Toll Free 1-877-787-2679

Respect. Here at Eastern Truckload each driver is treated with respect and valued as our most important business partner. We maintain a true open-door policy and we communicate with transparency and honesty all the time, and have assembled a management team committed to our drivers' well-being, livelihood, privacy, and safety.

Work/life balance. Your home time is guaranteed and you will not receive sudden calls regarding unscheduled loads. We always plan your loads for you and with you. In an industry where family life sometime suffers we understand the importance of it and want to make sure your family time remains uninterrupted.

Assigned Fleet Manager (Dispatcher). Our courteous, friendly and experienced fleet managers will work with you to carefully and fairly plan your trips and help pay attention to the details. They will help look after you and your livelihood and will remain connected with you while on the road via satellite in your truck, mobile phone, or fax.

Driver Safety. We take our driver safety very seriously. Upon joining us you will receive a rigorous orientation and training program to prepare you for properly carrying out your work in compliance with the highest safety standards in the industry. Navigating tough road conditions will require sound judgment and critical decisions. We do trust each driver to make the right and the safe decisions even if that means delaying or cancelling a shipment. We do give you the power to say no to a customer if you find that the load is unsafe or incompatible with the regulations of safe operation. Safety always comes first at DeckX!  

Stability and consistency. Operating with a solid reputation for close to 20 years in the transportation industry throughout North America, we have a stable business environment and a consistent number of clients requiring transportation needs. At DeckX we offer you a career, not just a job.

Benefits of working for Eastern Truckload

Drivers at Eastern Truckload receive a benefits package with an overall value that well exceeds the industry standard. Our benefits package includes:

  • Paid orientation
  • Competitive mileage pay package
  • Performance bonus program
  • Fuel subsidy program
  • Paid pick-ups, deliveries, loading and unloading
  • Paid wait time and work time
  • Scholarship program for post-secondary studies of employee's children
  • Long-term service recognition and awards
  • Group Health Benefits Package

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